The iSEHATI App is a comprehensive personal health platform that provide you with reach to health resources and services for your health needs across geographies with the convience of your preferences. Additionally, it empowers you with the access and maintenance of your personal health medical records and that of your family members. Here are some of the features that iSEHATI provides:

1] Record your own health records such as medications, diagnosis, allergies, vitals, lab results, radiology reports, etc.
2] Access your medical records at your hospitals and download your records to your personal isehati platform to have always at your finger tip.
3]Search & Book for Doctors and Services appointments, Know your Doctor Profile, see services offering, and locate nearest medical facility.
4] Cancelling & Rescheduling Appointments .
5] Receive healthcare service at your Home or through online Telhealth feature at your own convience time and location.
6] You can give feedback about your doctor and service received.
7] Maintain your personalized profile which includes details about your blood group, address , and other details that would be extremely useful in case of an emergency.
8] Adding the medical records of your dependents in separate accounts.

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