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How to Boost Contact Center Performance with Automated Quality Management

Contact center interactions include invaluable insights about customer experience, agent performance and contact center efficiency. But revealing these insights requires in-depth evaluation.
When the volume of call contact centers receive is considered, manual evaluation is not an applicable option for effective quality management. Traditional quality assessments methods require quality teams to listen to each call and make necessary evaluations manually. But with these evaluations, only a small fraction of calls can be analyzed, and majority of data would be untouched.
Besides, manual evaluations can be far from being objective since they reflect the evaluator’s perspective. This might cause agents to object to their performance scores. Agents might also refuse their training needs and do not make enough efforts to improve their performance.
But quality evaluation processes don’t have to be that challenging any more… Thanks to automated quality management, quality teams don’t lose hours listening to the recorded calls. They don’t have to deal with agents’ objections either.
The Solution: Automated Quality Management
Automated Quality Management is an important part of conversational analytics. When integrated with Speech analytics, automated quality management enables contact centers to automate their entire quality management processes.
Unlike traditional quality management that evaluates agent performance on a random basis, automated quality management evaluates 100% of contact center interactions by applying acoustic and emotional parameters. Thus, quality teams can track each agent’s performance during all of his/her calls by using metrics like script adherence, hold and silence durations, and adherence to rules.
What are the benefits of Automated Quality Management?
Contact Center Efficiency
Automated Quality Management gives contact centers a holistic quality status while automating quality evaluation processes. The technology allows contact centers to automate customer call evaluations, saving precious time, energy, and resources all the while improving productivity and efficiency. With key insights related to performance metrics, contact centers can improve KPIs like average handle times and first-call resolution rates while cutting operational costs. Automating quality evaluation processes frees up quality teams to spend more time coaching agents and to deep dive into improving employee & customer experience.
Actionable Insights for Improvement
Automatic quality management analyzes contact center interactions transcribed with Speech Analytics. With its ability to thoroughly investigate specific conversations, the technology can uncover actionable insights across multiple channels. These insights might be identifying common customer issues about a product or problems with the communication of a specific campaign. Contact centers can easily identify the areas that need improvement and take necessary actions accordingly.
Objective Agent Performance Evaluation
Unlike traditional assessment models which analyze only a small amount of recorded calls, automated quality management analyzes 100% of the calls. This helps quality teams see the bigger picture. The system offers customized scorecards for agents to measure things like absenteeism, adherence to policy, average handle time, and overall quality of service. By applying accurate performance metrics and results tracking, automated quality management ensures an objective performance evaluation.
Join Our Live Demo
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At this live demo, our Presales Director will go through the features of Sestek Automated Quality Management platform including customizable evaluation forms, advanced call filtering options and smart agent scorecards.

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